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Protein will not kill your kidneys

Vicious and well-deserved take-down of a wide variety of so-called health professionals talking about the dangers of protein, especially in men and growing boys. Done as only Coach Mark Rippetoe can do it. Who is this moron Dr. Jerel Calzo? Just goes to show that the Ph.D. degree is […]

Facebook is a nutrition minefield

Men’s Health isn’t exactly a font of wisdom, but in this case, they make a very useful and amusing case that Facebook is just about one of the worst places you can get nutrition advice. If you believe any of the following (or that milk is bad for […]

Consumer Reports highlights dietary supplement dangers

There are only two groups in America less honest and ethical than the supplements industry…politicians and celebrities. In all three cases, there are common elements…a lack of accountability, arrogance, no basis for many of the statements made and positions advanced, and an utter lack of substantive knowledge. If […]