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Outside: Strength Tips from the NFL’s Top Trainer

Outside Magazine publishes some very useful and well-written fitness material. This article falls into that bucket. Excellent, clear, straightforward, actionable advice from an NFL strength coach. This is so not workout-of-the-day/week/month b.s. Be great (and keep getting better) at fundamentals is a fitness strategy that will last a […]

The 5 Rules of Workout Challenges | T Nation

Training challenges are a potentially useful tool for engaging people and helping to focus on a discrete set of goals. However, like all forms of physical training, they need a framework, limits, and logic. Training challenges should never leave people drained or injured, and they are not a […]

Most nutrition research is garbage

TIE hits a home run with this paragraph. Unfortunately, the health of Americans and others is at stake. Should we be eating more polyunsaturated fats? Should we be avoiding saturated fats? The honest answer is: I don’t know. Given my review of the evidence, I stand by my […]

30 things I know to be true

Great article from MatadorNetwork.com. I love how nearly all of them apply to living a healthy lifestyle, treating yourself well both physically and mentally. Enjoy. 2. Exercise, almost every day. Maybe this is just me. But if I’m not active, I can’t trust myself. I can’t trust my […]

Anti-Licensing Movement Scores a Victory – WSJ

This was a huge victory for everyone who believes in personal freedom and free enterprise. Hats off to Greg Glassman, the leader of CrossFit, for quashing the movement to require exercise professionals to meet legislatively restrictive licensing standards. What that really is is a restraint of trade. People […]