Train with sand…Brute Force

Although I am a very proud and highly capable StrongFirst SFG, I train with other tools too. When I am not hoisting one of my Rogue kettlebells, I am moving a Brute Force Sandbag. The best sandbag you can buy from…


Fit? Then Sitting is NOT the New Smoking

Many thanks to the Russells for publishing my essay on sitting and fitness.

Keep Fitness Legal

Editor’s Note: We are pleased to present this guest post from Vik Khanna.

Sitting will kill you, won’t it? Everyone says so … from the pharma- and health plan-funded
American Heart Association (AHA) to the Gatorade- and health plan-backed American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Business woman Nilofer Merchant’s rambling, platitudinous essay in the Harvard Business Review declared that sitting is the new smoking. But, is it really?

The control merchants, whether they are the government, its private ostensibly not-for-profit water carriers, or for-profit companies, need things they can grind against in order to validate their existence and that they can use to scold people. The imbroglio about sitting is so intense that I somehow feel foolish when I sit down, which, like most people, I do often because I work at a desk, and I really like Hulu.

office-space-stephen-root-as-milton Is his desk-bound “job” going to kill Milton? Only if he…

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