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The 5 Rules of Workout Challenges | T Nation

Training challenges are a potentially useful tool for engaging people and helping to focus on a discrete set of goals. However, like all forms of physical training, they need a framework, limits, and logic. Training challenges should never leave people drained or injured, and they are not a […]

Anti-Licensing Movement Scores a Victory – WSJ

This was a huge victory for everyone who believes in personal freedom and free enterprise. Hats off to Greg Glassman, the leader of CrossFit, for quashing the movement to require exercise professionals to meet legislatively restrictive licensing standards. What that really is is a restraint of trade. People […]

Nine things you can stop doing in 2016 – MarketWatch

I love the following things you can stop doing this year: Avoiding gluten Sit ups Drinking diet soda Cutting back on coffee Dieting Buying vitamins Notice how many of this are garbage myths foisted upon Americans by supposed nutrition experts, like nutritionists, dietitians, the supplement industry, personal trainers, […]