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Facebook is a nutrition minefield

Men’s Health isn’t exactly a font of wisdom, but in this case, they make a very useful and amusing case that Facebook is just about one of the worst places you can get nutrition advice. If you believe any of the following (or that milk is bad for […]

How to Get Six-Pack Abs

For everyone who wants six-pack abs or thinks that they demonstrate something healthy, important, or valuable. Read this piece from Men’s Health and reconsider what you are doing. ┬áThis article is a great example of how something that sounds like it should be healthy isn’t. It’s not healthy […]

Burpee Variations | Men’s Health

More good burpee stuff from BJ Gaddour and team at Men’s Health. Watch the video. I especially like the variations between 1:00 and 1:45. Killer good, because they involve a lot of footwork and create instability for which you must compensate. That inefficiency challenges your neuromuscular system in […]