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Aspiring SFG’s assessment

A great pleasure to get to know Luke Lamb of Jefferson City, MO. A professional coach himself, Luke is working towards his StrongFirst SFG 1 Certification, and this is what he had to say about working with me: As a personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach myself, […]

Technique and attention to detail matter

Thank you, Ivona! I can highly recommend Coach Vik. I have taken private training sessions in kettlebells with him and have noticed a great improvement in my technique. I first took kettlebells years ago and felt this type of activity was ideal for maintaining strength and fitness with […]

StrongFirst SFG 1

I am the only StrongFirst SFG 1 in West County (St. Louis, MO county). I am also the only SFG 1 with 42 years experience in strength training as well as a background in clinical medicine and public health. This unique package of skills and knowledge puts me […]

30 things I know to be true

Great article from MatadorNetwork.com. I love how nearly all of them apply to living a healthy lifestyle, treating yourself well both physically and mentally. Enjoy. 2. Exercise, almost every day. Maybe this is just me. But if I’m not active, I can’t trust myself. I can’t trust my […]