“I can highly recommend Coach Vik. I have taken private training sessions in kettlebells with him and have noticed a great improvement in my technique. I first took kettlebells years ago and felt this type of activity was ideal for maintaining strength and fitness with a limited time and at my own pace. My previous instructor spent very little time on technique, though, so I did not see the benefits that I had expected. Coach Vik on the other hand has spent a lot of time on every aspect of technique and proper posture. I immediately felt the right muscles being worked. He also helped me design a program of short exercises I can do at home. He provided printed materials as well as links to videos that were very helpful. He was very patient and offered a very flexible schedule as well. I am very pleased with his program and coaching approach and I can recommend him.”

Ivona H., chemical engineer, Chesterfield, MO

“I have been training with Vik for almost one year now, as a physician I love his no-do nonsense /evidence-based approach to the training. I do karate and play other sports, and kettlebell training has proven an essential training tool to strengthen my core and overall performance and also prevent injury.” F.P., M.D. St. Louis County, MO.
Thanks for all you do for the kids and the adults Vik!  Your dedication is admirable…as well as your endurance and patience!  I was exhausted [just] watching…!  🙂 ~ Karate parent.

Merry Christmas, Vik! You’re doing a great job with this class. [Child’s name]  doesn’t want to miss it, never complains about it, and is excited to go! That’s HUGE for a 13 year old 😄 I’m so thankful to you for doing this for the team.  ~ Karate parent.

I am a runner and came to Vik to bolster strength training and flexibility. He was very methodical in his appraisal. He did a full assessment and then broke it down to make each session a different area of emphasis.  Of most importance for me he teaches one to be able to work independently and incorporate his workouts into an established running schedule. The 8 sessions were very instructive and leave me ready to continue my strength training program and hopefully keep away injuries. ~ C.B., MD. C.B. is a competitive, female 10 miler who was ranked in the top 10 in her region when I worked with her.

I still don’t eat as well as I should, but my diet is an awful lot better than it used to be.  The fact is, I’m probably in the best shape of my life right now—well, since playing football in high school, I suppose!  I credit you for getting me started down this much healthier pathway.  It’s going to be very important to my enjoyment of my 60’s and 70’s…and beyond, I hope. ~ Paul B., Retired actuary.

Vik helped me get my life and my health back, after a significant medical scare. He taught me about the importance of exercise, even at an intensity level I was unfamiliar with. It works. ~ John P., Retired CEO.