What’s the power supply? You are. Especially with a kettlebell in your hands and me guiding you through the process of learning this innovative, adaptable method of training. When you learn how to use a kettlebell the way it is meant to be used…thoughtfully and energetically…everything gets better. You feel better. You move better. You sleep better. And, believe it or not, I am confident that you will be happier.

What do you want? A quicker first step? Stronger rotation on your slap shot? A better tee shot? Greater acceleration from the batter’s box or off the line of scrimmage? Stronger and more powerful walking, running, cycling, and swimming? Better, higher, faster kicks and punches? Improved health measures (a smaller waist and more muscle)? All of these and more are achievable by training with this unbreakable cannon-ball-with-a handle. There is no better tool for improving strength and power output efficiently and economically.

How do I know? Because kettlebell training has changed my life. When I started kettlebell training four years ago, I was shocked at how little I could do properly with even a single bell, even after more than 40 years of regular strength training. All this energy comes from the hips, legs, and trunk, which are the foundation of all athletic power. The possibilities are endless if you are patient with yourself, learn to do the movements well, and then commit to pushing yourself forward.


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