Invest in yourself

Exercise coaching can be at my location or yours. The price is higher if I come to you.

Coaching packages are sold in packages of eight (8) sessions. You must use all eight sessions within six months of purchase. This is a deep dive into the Big Six kettlebell movements, all taught using the StrongFirst system: Turkish Get Up, Swing, Press, Clean, Squat, and either High Pull or Snatch.

$495 for eight coaching sessions (typically 60 to 80 minutes each) at my location in Wildwood, MO. This is focused one-on-one coaching that takes a deep into kettlebell training, healthy eating, and healthy lifestyle strategies. You will need your own kettlebells to practice at home what you learn with me.

Kettlebell training is infinitely adaptable to build strength, power, mobility, and endurance. Couple it with a program of regular walking, and it is more than sufficient to promote and sustain good health and fitness. No gym memberships, no movement limiting machines, no equipment that breaks or wears out.

Spouses, domestic partners, family members, and friends who are in this together get a discount.

$371 per person for a team of two people.

$302 per person for a team of three people.

$257 per person for a team of four people.

For teams of two to four (the maximum), everyone must attend each session; there are no individual sessions and no make ups.

Once you are a client, you are a client. You can email me questions, upload YouTube videos you want me to review and comment on, text me, and just generally stay in touch. As long as you don’t abuse this access privilege, you don’t need to continually buy new packages. You and I are both rational adults, so we’ll both know when you’ve gone overboard; it’s called the reasonableness standard.

Returning clients who come back for a refresher get a discount of no less than 10%.

Please read the additional terms and conditions (link below).

Other terms and conditions